• compact factory-affordable small scale processing
  • ozone water supply for washing flume
  • 40’ insulated continers solid construction
  • safety features for hydraulic operation
  • stainless steel construction
  • moveable factory equity


  • lower facility financing, reduces transport burden of small producer
  • reduce multi-truck transport to centralized packhouse
  • eliminate transport weight of vegetables
  • waste turned into compost at harvest site
  • elimination of packhouse chemicals
  • less retail spoilage
  • increased value of produce
  • potential organic certification
  • easily transported to other vegetable farms or use by other producers
  • food grade and HAACP capability
  • enable opportunities for farmers

ozone vegetable washing flume


Moving the processing capability closer to the food resource

In the new global economy, financial and engineering creativity has become ever important to implement sustainable cash-flow businesses.


  • Hardware Design
  • Process Engineering
  • System Integration