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transportable, modular, micro small factories

  • harvest field processing

    a sustainable investment

    Intermodal Farms' factories are transportable, modular, affordable and small scale. These factories can be easily transported to different harvest areas during the annual harvest.

    moveable equity

    This provides greater processing and operational flexibility based upon the operators demand and success. This is called moveable equity. Containerized processing can be moved to new harvest or process locations based upon the operators demand and success.

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    Processing factories are pre-configured with all factory equipment mounted in a 20 or 40' sea container. These factories are ready for transport globally to the customer's processing area.


    These factories use modular building components for simplified and quick expansion, retrofitting and modification of factory configurations.


    Intermodal Farms factories are affordable at a fraction of traditional facility construction. Utilizing used sea containers, processing facilities are durable and sustainable via high quality insulated steel construction.

    small micro scale

    Intermodal Farms factories are of small scale, making them easily transportable in modular 40' containers. Usings these containers as modular pieces, processing facilities can easily be erected using several containers. Because these facilities are small, they require less energy. All the equipment is self-contained, reducing time consuming commissioning of hardware and equipment.