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Customer Development

Small scale customer development services enable the farmer operator/owner to validate their resources through customer engagement and product prototyping. Each project starts with a RFA-Rapid Farm Assessment. Customer development is a cost effective approach for any new startup food company. Customer development first, reduces initial startup operating costs when full factory production is unnecessary. After a repeatible customer is found, factory production can be scaled to meet customer demands.

Value Chain Analysis

A clear and simplified understanding of the value chain is necessary for managing each actor's role in value added management of the complete value chain activities.

new service

Intermodal Farms RFA-Rapid Farm Assessment provides a cost effective method for evaluation of a new farm's value proposition and viability of its competitive advantage. Preview Intermodal Farms white paper here.

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  • Factory Design
  • Factory Commissioning
  • Process Engineering
  • Farm Assessments
  • Customer Development
  • Value Chain Analysis